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The Best Sleeping Position

Posted on by Jennifer

Our daughter Mackenzie tends to sleep in any position (in a hammock, chair, fort or even under the bed.) Of course, she goes to bed in a very normal way, but you never know what you’ll find in the morning! What’s the best sleep position, you ask? We recommend on your back or side. When […]

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Success Principles

Posted on by Jennifer

Our team has been reading a book together during our pre-adjusting huddles. It’s one of my favorites: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. After yesterday’s message, Jessica commented that our patients would like to hear this information in our blog. We have an incredible team so when they make a wonderful suggestion like that, we […]

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Health Church

Posted on by Jennifer

This article has nothing to do with religion. I could have just as easily titled it Health Kingdom Hall or Health Synagogue. This story is about community, commitment, faith and family. John was always a favorite patient. His enthusiasm, vitality and hugs were inspirational at his weekly visit. After five years of consistent spinal adjustments, […]

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Does This Diet Soda Make Me Look Fat?

Posted on by Jennifer

We’ve all seen it: someone orders a crazy indulgent meal (fries and all!) then triumphantly adds a diet soda, as if that will make up for the 1200 calorie meal. Diet soda has the reputation of being a guiltless soft drink… and many consumers drink it in abundance. This year, a new study showed that […]

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Smile Lines

Posted on by Jennifer

People who have smile lines have always attracted me. Even when serious, you can tell they smile often by the lines on their face. A spring in their step and a natural-seeming ability usually accompany this curious expression. If you add in a healthy looking physique, glowing skin and bright eyes, this is my snapshot […]

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What the Grinch Taught Mackenzie

Posted on by Jennifer

Jack Kornfield said, “We don’t have to improve ourselves, we just have to let go of what blocks our heart.”  This makes me think of a challenge our young daughter had in kindergarten with the class “bully.” Shortly after she had seen the movie The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, her teacher told us how Mackenzie had befriended […]

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Hammock Time!

Posted on by Jennifer

Take the time to consider what inspires you.  Maybe it’s painting, playing baseball, dancing, lunch with friends, swimming in the ocean or organizing closets (yes, some people enjoy this.)  What do you REALLY REALLY love to do?  To discover this, you may need to think back over your life and ponder the moments when you […]

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Just one Tylenol to Your Child each Month Doubles Their Risk of Asthma

Posted on by Jennifer

This headline is the conclusion of a study done this past Fall (Medical Research Institute of New Zealand August 2010)- by the way, some of the best research is coming out of New Zealand because it is not controlled by pharmaceutical companies. Doubles!  Think about it.  If a monthly chiropractic adjustment doubled your child’s risk […]

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Energy Grows Where….

Posted on by Jennifer

I recently heard the amazing statement Energy Grows Where Focus Flows.  How true that is!  It relates to everything, especially your health.  I had a practice member who recently decided to start eating better.  He had spent an hour at my nutrition workshop and decided to invest more energy in how he fueled his body. […]

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