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Ten Healthful Ways to Create Less Stress and More Energy

Posted on by Jennifer

Face it, life can be str essful. You do your best to pay the bills, keep your relationships going, raise happy kids, and still find time to exercise.  It’s not always easy, is it?  I’ll tell you a secret: it gets so much easier when you know these ten steps.  I’m going to share with you […]

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You Say Tomato, I Say OUCH!

Posted on by Jennifer

It happens every August.  A patient (often the same patients as last time) will come in for their regular wellness adjustment and have a concern.  The conversation usually goes like this, “Doc, I don’t know what’s going on.  I haven’t hurt myself or pushed myself but I woke up this morning feeling achy all over. […]

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The Burger Battle

Posted on by Jennifer

I’m sure you’ve noticed the Fast Food hamburger under glass cover in the office.  As you’ve seen, it has looked the same for MONTHS- just dried out.  No mold. Nothing. And you may have noticed the other one too… you know, the one that filled quickly with mold.  Well, our awesome patient John Haller has […]

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My Relationship With Food

Posted on by Jennifer

I always thought I had a poorly functioning appestat.  It’s a hypothetical region of the brain that keeps you in touch with your body’s need for food.  Basically, it tells you when to stop eating.  Now, don’t feel sorry for me.  I’ve never been overweight.  Generally, I just never really would feel full.  I learned to stop […]

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Weight Loss Cleansing

Posted on by Jennifer

Summer is over.  I know, I’m sad too.  I’m also, like you, refocusing on my eating habits and food choices.  Gone are the lazy summer evenings grilling cheeseburgers while dipping my hand in the tortilla chip bag.  (Okay, you’re right.  My chips were organic and my burger was grass-fed local and all natural. But STILL; the […]

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Why is it so hard to consistently eat well?

Posted on by Jennifer

At the office this morning a patient told me that after getting off cholesterol medication her muscle aches have improved. She is working with her medical doctor on this issue and the doctor was very pleased that her cholesterol is stabilized, she is off medication and her body is feeling better.  Interestingly though, her liver enzymes […]

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