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15 Years of Wellness Care

Posted on by Jennifer

I was rummaging through an old box of pictures… And I found this one from probably 1998. SCC had been around for a year when this awesome family started care. The two little girls, Sarah and Jennifer, loved to be in our office… they often were the last appointment of the night and they delighted […]

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Hammock Time!

Posted on by Jennifer

Take the time to consider what inspires you.  Maybe it’s painting, playing baseball, dancing, lunch with friends, swimming in the ocean or organizing closets (yes, some people enjoy this.)  What do you REALLY REALLY love to do?  To discover this, you may need to think back over your life and ponder the moments when you […]

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Take a second to consider: Clean up your “healing” language.

Posted on by Jennifer

When we are “sick”, we naturally want to complain and list all our symptoms. A better way to refer to this healing process is as a “project.”  For example, “My body has a healing project right now. It’s created a rash to push out what it doesn’t want.  I’m investigating the cause.”  Seriously! Your body […]

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Posted on by Jennifer

Facebook is crazy!  I recently had a birthday and I had over 130 people post a happy birthday message on my  Facebook “wall.”  There were well wishes from old high school friends, chiropractors around the world, practice members, long lost cousins and even my next door neighbor! If you’re on Facebook, do you remember the […]

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2011 Workshop Syllabus

Posted on by Jennifer

Space is limited.  Waitlists will be available once workshop is full. Please sign up in advance and commit to attending. Guests and the public are welcome but must register in advance. All workshops are with Dr. Jennifer Cretsinger Attend 6 workshops this year and get an additional month of care at our expense! Name:_____________________________________________________________ Dr. […]

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Sugar Can Cause Asthma, But That’s Not The Point

Posted on by Jennifer

“Doc, I have had this asthma issue for twenty years.  Do you think you can fix it?”  People just want to be fixed.  Of course they do!  Don’t you?  Something hurts or decreases your ability to live the way you want… and you just want it to go away. NOW. There are many ways to […]

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Oh, my aching joints!

Posted on by Jennifer

I hear it every day in the office: “My joints ache!” Arthritis is a common (but abnormal) disease.  There are over one hundred conditions that fall under the heading of arthritis but the most common is osteoarthritis, or degeneration.  It is an “abnormal wear and tear” disease of weight bearing joints like the spine and […]

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Your Fingernails Tell a Story

Posted on by Jennifer

For twelve years, my husband and I have had an “article of the day” that we’ve handed out to our patients.  You can imagine how many articles we have created over time!  Interestingly, one of the most popular articles (that people often ask to see again) discusses how the appearance of your nails can tell […]

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What A Chiropractor Does When She Gets Back Pain

Posted on by Jennifer

If you’ve ever watched me adjusting families on a busy Thursday afternoon, you know that I work my spine A LOT.  Unfortunately, the correct body position for giving an adjustment is bent over, head down and slightly twisting at the waist.  I remember learning in neurology class that this is the exact position that puts the […]

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Drug Problems in Our Town

Posted on by Jennifer

If you’ve been around me at all the last two weeks, we’ve probably had a conversation about drugs.  It all started with Michael Jackson’s death.  Then it escalated when the FDA was proposing to take some well known narcotic drugs off the market.  Conversation then peaked on a Thursday night at our SPIZZ workshop.  At that point, […]

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