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What My Mom Doesn’t Know About Social Media

Posted on by Jennifer

This past weekend a relative said something really funny. (Ok, so it was my mom. But she’s really sweet so don’t give her a hard time!) I had taken a super cute picture on my iphone and mom said, “Honey, can you fax that to ebay for me?”……………yep, I was silent for quite a while. […]

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The Dim Light Bulb Syndrome

Posted on by Jennifer

Mary Kay Ash said, “Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know that so it goes on flying anyway.” We see this all the time in children. They charge ahead with no fear because they don’t have a preconceived idea about their abilities (until we, as parents, place it on […]

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Hammock Time!

Posted on by Jennifer

Take the time to consider what inspires you.  Maybe it’s painting, playing baseball, dancing, lunch with friends, swimming in the ocean or organizing closets (yes, some people enjoy this.)  What do you REALLY REALLY love to do?  To discover this, you may need to think back over your life and ponder the moments when you […]

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Take a second to consider: Clean up your “healing” language.

Posted on by Jennifer

When we are “sick”, we naturally want to complain and list all our symptoms. A better way to refer to this healing process is as a “project.”  For example, “My body has a healing project right now. It’s created a rash to push out what it doesn’t want.  I’m investigating the cause.”  Seriously! Your body […]

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Ten Healthful Ways to Create Less Stress and More Energy

Posted on by Jennifer

Face it, life can be str essful. You do your best to pay the bills, keep your relationships going, raise happy kids, and still find time to exercise.  It’s not always easy, is it?  I’ll tell you a secret: it gets so much easier when you know these ten steps.  I’m going to share with you […]

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Headaches, Allergies and Eczema: One Woman’s Healing Story

Posted on by Jennifer

Each time we hire a new employee, I find myself thinking, “Boy, you have no idea.  This job will change your life!”  I can think (and say) this based on the employees we’ve had over the last 14 years… going on to become a chiropractor, massage therapist, start a business, etc.  I’ve seen major life […]

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A Patient’s Viewpoint on American Healthcare

Posted on by Jennifer

Healthcare has become a political focus in recent years and everyone knows that once the government starts to define something, it turns into another thing altogether. Healthcare is no exception. When we started coming to Spinal Corrective Center (SCC) seven years ago, we too were caught up in many healthcare traditions that are all too […]

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An Alternative To Popping Antibiotics like Tic Tacs?

Posted on by Jennifer

This is a recent testimonial from one of my favorite wellness patients… When I was about 5 or so, you could track me around the house by following the trail of crumpled tissues.  Like Hansel and Gretel, with allergies.  We brushed it off as me being a typical snot-nosed kid. By the time I was […]

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My Journey’s Beginning

Posted on by Jennifer

This is the first place testimonial from our testimonial contest. I can’t say that I have a complete story at Spinal Corrective Center, but I can say I have a beginning. You see, I have only been here for three months. Hopefully I will be able to share my whole story eventually, but for now […]

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You’ve Got To Meet This Guy….

Posted on by Jennifer

Let me introduce myself: Сhronic fatigue syndrome is the most common name given to a variably debilitating disorder or disorders generally defined by persistent fatigue unrelated to exertion and not substantially relieved by rest… Substance dependence is defined as: “When an individual persists in use of alcohol (vicodin) or other drugs despite problems related to […]

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