The Best Sleeping Position

Our daughter Mackenzie tends to sleep in any position (in a hammock, chair, fort or even under the bed.) Of course, she goes to bed in a very normal way, but you never know what you’ll find in the morning!

What’s the best sleep position, you ask? We recommend on your back or side. When sleeping on your back, ideally don’t use a pillow. If you must, use a flat pillow or a curved pillow with built in neck support.  Buckwheat pillows work well too.  You may find putting a pillow under your knees feels good for your back.

If you sleep on your side, use a thicker pillow to support the space between your shoulder and ear. This will keep your upper back and lower neck from twisting and causing subluxation. Do not sleep with your arm over your head or under your ear. You will find that a pillow placed between your knees (and even ankles) will keep your lower back and hips aligned.

Please do not sleep on your stomach. This stretches your neck and causes subluxation. The habit of stomach sleeping can happen from having too much light stimulus in the room or being overtired.

And finally, if you’re scared from a bad dream, Mackenzie recommends sleeping in a box with a horse watching over you…

Be Well,

Dr. Jenny 🙂

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