Health Church

This article has nothing to do with religion. I could have just as easily titled it Health Kingdom Hall or Health Synagogue. This story is about community, commitment, faith and family.

John was always a favorite patient. His enthusiasm, vitality and hugs were inspirational at his weekly visit. After five years of consistent spinal adjustments, he had created a beautiful spine, with a perfect neck curve and minimal degeneration.  In fact, after winning his  first body building championship, he gave us his coveted trophy. You see, at age sixty, he was in the best shape of his life.

Circumstances sometimes force hard decisions.  John needed to stop chiropractic care. The personal reasons aren’t important here, but he was sad to leave and we were heartbroken to say goodbye.  Our practice members truly feel like family, especially after many years of allowing us to be their primary source of healthcare. For the past four years, there wasn’t a day that I didn’t glance at that fancy trophy and think of John.

It was sinus problems that brought him back. Wow, was it good to see John this week! I got my hug and huge grin, just like I remembered.  What John had remembered was how many years ago it was chiropractic that finally allowed his body to heal from ongoing sinus congestion and pain. He also knew he just “wasn’t right” anymore and needed to get back to what he knew worked: chiropractic.

In the four years we haven’t seen him, John had a hip replacement. After years of heavy squats at the gym, he discovered his hip sockets were shot. He endured a few years of extreme discomfort waiting to turn 65 so Medicare would help with the surgery costs. The waiting left him with plenty of lower back discomfort.

New x-rays unfortunately revealed a significant loss of neck curve and shocking new degeneration (arthritis) in the lower back. His spine was looking his age, and his health reflected the neglect his spine had taken.

After meeting with John and discussing our strategy to help him get back on track, John got tears in his eyes. “I’m so glad to be back,” John said. “I realize now this is my health church.”

I asked him what he meant by health church and he elaborated that he perceives “church” as a place of support, community, education, and giving you a path to live your best self. John knows that his experience with chiropractic goes beyond pain relief, beyond spinal correction, even beyond vitality. It is home.

Welcome home, John!

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