Does This Diet Soda Make Me Look Fat?

We’ve all seen it: someone orders a crazy indulgent meal (fries and all!) then triumphantly adds a diet soda, as if that will make up for the 1200 calorie meal. Diet soda has the reputation of being a guiltless soft drink… and many consumers drink it in abundance.

This year, a new study showed that diet soda drinkers’ waistlines grew 70 percent more than nondrinkers. Yep, diet soda makes you fat.

As the belly gets bigger, your health declines- diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other long-term problems can be created.

This is how it happens: aspartame creates higher blood sugar levels and can trigger the appetite. An obesity researcher at UT Health Sciences Center at San Diego, Sharon Fowler, said that sweeteners could also inhibit brain cells that make you feel full.

We work hard to be healthy. We eat organic foods, hit the gym, get adjusted, sleep well… stick to water and herbal teas. Scratch the sodas (especially diet.) Building a strong, healthy body depends on the small choices over time.





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