Smile Lines

People who have smile lines have always attracted me. Even when serious, you can tell they smile often by the lines on their face. A spring in their step and a natural-seeming ability usually accompany this curious expression. If you add in a healthy looking physique, glowing skin and bright eyes, this is my snapshot vision of vitality.

I recently met an eighty-year-old woman who matched this description. I immediately felt happy to be around her. I wanted to interview her, to get to know her. People who exude vitality have a magnetic quality about them. Their exuberance, confidence, and warmth make them special and rare. They can be any age and any race, occupation or affluence. In general, they take extra care of their bodies and mind with a deliberate intention of improving themselves and maximizing their life experience. I often see families experiencing a state of vitality together as a lifestyle choice. They focus on physical activity, personal growth and purposeful choices for health. Instead of life happening to them, they create their level of fulfillment, energy and gusto.

Contrast this with the average American: overweight, on medication for preventable conditions, eating fast food, disliking their job, and tired all the time.

What do you want to create today? Maybe start by retraining those facial muscles and smile more! Smile at the bank teller, your spouse, the person in the car that let you by. Geez, you can even smile in the shower, just because you are blessed.

Be well,

Dr. Jenny


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