Clean Up Your Healing Language

“My son gave me a cold. Now I have a fever, runny nose and congestion” my red-eyed practice member sniffles at the adjusting table.

When we are “sick”, we naturally want to complain and list all our symptoms. As a loving doctor and friend, I have sympathy and compassion. However, the language a practice member uses when tired and frustrated doesn’t always serve them.

A better way to refer to a healing process is as a “project.” For example: “My body has a healing project right now. It’s created a rash to push out what it doesn’t want.” Taking responsibility for your body’s healing and actually trusting your body’s ability is a refreshing way to see yourself.

Your body always attempts to heal. Instead of seeing your body as failing you, honor your magnificent inner healing intelligence, starting with your words. Words have power. Especially with children. I know many children who are savvy in this language, and they speak powerfully about their body’s healing capacity. For example, one seven-year-old girl recently said to me, “I have a fever that is helping me heal. My body is strong.”

The question is: Can you trust in your innate healing ability, and speak words of this affirmation?


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