Take a Second to Consider: Stop the Fear


We are raised to live in fear of germs.  Now, I’m not saying there isn’t an obvious value in washing your hands or refraining from making out with your sick, feverish partner; but fearing germs is futile.  If you try to give someone a “cold” it takes more than a virus.  Experimenters have incubated cold viruses, placed them directly on the mucus lining of the nose, and found that their subjects came down with colds only 12 percent of the time (1). Your body actually harbors most of the organisms that you fear.

It’s like the trash: when it’s all firmly bundled up on the curb, there’s no problem.  If the bag falls over, rips and the trash falls out… then the bugs show up.  The bugs were always around, but congregated and wreaked havoc once the trash appeared. The same goes with your body: we harbor all sorts of harmless bacteria that don’t cause illness unless we’ve created a junky environment. The question is: are you working toward cleaning up your body or are you creating a dump?

Reference 1. Chopra D. Quantum Healing. New York: Bantam Books. 1989;142.



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