Just one Tylenol to Your Child each Month Doubles Their Risk of Asthma

This headline is the conclusion of a study done this past Fall (Medical Research Institute of New Zealand August 2010)- by the way, some of the best research is coming out of New Zealand because it is not controlled by pharmaceutical companies.

Doubles!  Think about it.  If a monthly chiropractic adjustment doubled your child’s risk for asthma, how quick would chiropractic be shut down? This research outcome should in no way be acceptable to us as parents, as healthcare providers and as a community that say we want health.

The foundational problem is that our medical tools and choices are disease care and sick care solutions, not healthcare solutions.  There is absolutely no health in the choice of medication.  Logical and sometimes effective crisis care management, yes.  But health, no.

Bottom line, if we rely on our medical system for health, we will fall short.  That’s what happened in our society and there are numbers to prove it.  According to government agencies, the US is ranked #44 in infant mortality (chance of a child living to age 2) and we’re way down on the list for overall health as well.  Compared to the whole world!  And ironically, we spend more money on health (disease) care and take more drugs than any other country.

At SCC, we know that to really help our community, we need to not only adjust your body but adjust your mind.  Our society has got it backwards, and that’s a big reason why so many people are sick (and depressed, and anxious and stressed.)  Health comes from within. Health comes from living congruently with the way we were designed to live: with the fuel (food) to create health, with movement (exercise), proper sleep and yes… our power turned on.

Your chiropractic adjustments are intended to reconnect and replenish the nerve supply from your brain to your body. This power runs the show and when it’s working well, the body has it’s power turned on.

Share what you know.

Dr. Jennifer

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