The Obvious Epiphany

I had what I’ll call an “obvious epiphany” yesterday.  Obvious, as in “duh!”; yet “epiphany” as in… “oh, I never thought of it that way!”  Sometimes the truest messages are the most simple. Here’s my obvious epiphany:

EVERYBODY should know the value of regular chiropractic checkups.  I know, obvious right?  Well, maybe not if you haven’t been educated about the nervous system and the benefits of chiropractic care.  But even the general public would probably agree that chiropractic can help with back or neck pain.  It’s also more known and accepted that adjustments help with ear infections and immune function.  But what if your neighbor, friend, pastor, husband or niece feels and seems to function great?

Think of the comparison with teeth.  Would your dentist only recommend his services to people with a toothache?  Of course not.  It’s common knowledge that dental care is for everyone, regardless of pain or dysfunction.  The reason being… we all have teeth and it is in our best interest to care for them as best we can.  You may not choose to go to a dentist regularly, but teachers, the dental industry, even the government would support the education that everyone consider regular dental care.

Yet, why is it that even though I know this, and I am the DOCTOR, I didn’t promote chiropractic to our neighbors of seven years? It wasn’t until their child had a health concern that I saw “an in” to finally suggest and encourage a chiropractic check-up?  Maybe I didn’t want to push “my beliefs” on them or be controversial… whatever it is… it’s hogwash.  Yes, hogwash.  Want to know why? Because people deserve to know what we know.  Or at least have the opportunity to learn.  My role, as someone who cares about others, is to be lovingly vocal about my knowledge.

The same could be said about my choice to eat organic food whenever possible. I won’t go around preaching to others but I will offer my reasons.  It won’t be in the way of, “Nice to meet you. I’m Jennifer and I only eat organic food.  You should too.”  That would just be arrogant.  But as I have the opportunity, I can mention that I choose to eat organic food because I believe that is what is healthiest for my body.  Whether they have made that choice or not, I would love them anyway.

People are often quite private.  Having a natural sensitivity to honor that, I have found that I haven’t always shared chiropractic to the extent that would possibly change someone’s life.  From now on, I vow to speak more openly and clearly about my health choices. Of course my approach will be non-preaching, non-judgmental and appropriately timed, but in a way that peaks enough interest for someone to learn more.

The truth of the matter is that everyone has a spine and nerve system.  The birth process itself, with the medication, the pulling, the pushing, the intervention… is reason enough for chiropractic check-ups from birth.  Adding in sports, car accidents, and sitting at computers and we all have the potential to create subluxations, or spinal distortions that can affect the nerve system.  And if you forgot from science class, the spinal cord, which powers our body, is housed in the spine.  This “power cord” and the nerves that extend from it control circulation, immune function, digestion, breathing… everything.  Adjustments do more than help pain, they keep the power of the nerve system flowing so the whole body can work better.  That’s why people who get regular (weekly or biweekly) check-ups find they are healthier.  There. That’s what I wish I had told my neighbors seven years ago.  Who can I tell today?  Who’s life can you change?

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