Headaches, Allergies and Eczema: One Woman’s Healing Story

SCC Employee Testimonial

Each time we hire a new employee, I find myself thinking, “Boy, you have no idea.  This job will change your life!”  I can think (and say) this based on the employees we’ve had over the last 14 years… going on to become a chiropractor, massage therapist, start a business, etc.  I’ve seen major life changes like significant weight loss, significant improvements in diet or exercising for the first time in their life. Chiropractic care alone is a reason to expect life changes.  Add to that our loving and positive office environment and our incredible patients… and well, it’s impossible to not grow as a person.  Here’s our newest employee’s first written testimonial:

Nine months ago, I knew nothing about Chiropractic. I took a shot in the dark when responding to the employment ad. As soon as I entered Spinal Corrective Center though, I knew I was in the right place and just felt like I belonged.

After being offered the job I was told I would go through a New Patient Exam. At that time I “knew” I didn’t need Chiropractic care but went through the exam process for educational reasons.

I told them about the “hereditary health problems” that I had, but knew I was destined to keep them for life. First, there were the headaches that I got four or more times a week, that would sometimes last for days. They started four years ago after a bad car accident; I figured they must be normal because my primary told me to just ignore them. Then there are the allergies. I would get three shots a week and had to carry an epi-pen due to the severe reactions I had experienced after getting the shots.  Don’t forget about the fifteen plus year battle I’ve had with eczema. It started out covering my legs, arms, back, stomach and even parts of my face. It then decided to relocate on my hands right before graduating college. It stopped me from ever retaining my massage license due to the severe pain it would cause me.

Upon seeing my x-rays, I found out I had a seven-degree neck curve and the rest of my spine was misaligned as well. Dr. David and Dr. Jenny were confident that they could help my body heal itself. So, I began getting adjusted three times a week.

Before I reached my three-month mark I noticed my almost daily “normal” headaches had turned into maybe one every two or three weeks. At three months another x-ray of my neck was taken and it revealed that my neck had corrected itself from the seven-degree curve now to a healthier 19-degree curve!

I continued on for the next five months with my two times per week adjustment schedule. When I was told it was time for my eight-month progress check, I had almost forgotten about the original concerns I had until Jessica reminded me about my headaches and allergies. It was at that time I realized I had not gotten an allergy shot in at least six months and had no reactions! I don’t think I even kept any more Benadryl in the house! My headaches have been long gone. I can’t remember the last time I bought a jumbo-sized aspirin jar!  As for my eczema, well, I have to thank the whole team for that. We found out that I have sensitivity to wheat/gluten that provoked my skin condition. With the removal of gluten and a complete clean-up of my diet, along with regular adjustments, you would never know I used to have eczema that caused so much physical and emotional pain. I’m now looking forward to finally ending this two-year hiatus as a massage therapist!

Nine months ago I knew nothing of Chiropractic. Now I don’t know how I could ever live without it.

Sarah Skarzenski

Dr. Jenny’s note: Sarah’s calm demeanor and friendly attitude make her such an asset to Spinal Corrective Center.  Whether she’s answering phones or helping with a new patient, we can always count on Sarah to make our office a positive experience for all.  We love you, Sarah!

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