A Patient’s Viewpoint on American Healthcare

Healthcare has become a political focus in recent years and everyone knows that once the government starts to define something, it turns into another thing altogether. Healthcare is no exception.

When we started coming to Spinal Corrective Center (SCC) seven years ago, we too were caught up in many healthcare traditions that are all too common in our society. It was not uncommon to have a 200 tablet bottle of Anacin in the cabinet, make trips to the doctor for fevers or coughs, take vaccines for granted and believe that germs and bacteria are becoming super strains that current medicine can no longer treat. Thanks to SCC, we have been educated and we are no longer controlled by the media’s and the AMA’s opinion of medicine.

Unfortunately, like many of you reading this testimony, our family needed to have something happen before we came to find SCC. I (Bill) had been suffering with chronic pain in my neck and numbness in both hands. Once I started being treated for a straight neck (21 degrees), I decided to have my family evaluated only to find that the kids were all worse than I was. It became clear to me after looking at my kids x-rays that just because you are young does not mean you are free from spinal subluxations.

Once the family started to come to SCC something started to take place that was not expected; we were becoming educated about our bodies. I would say that if there is one reason why SCC is successful in chiropractic, it is because their education process breaks down the walls that are built daily by the medical media frenzy and the AMA’s attempt to make you think you need them to be healthy. When you stop and think about it, isn’t this the root cause to our healthcare problems. Thankfully, SCC has shown us that we are in control of our health through proper spinal alignment capable of transmitting signals from the brain to our organs, proper sleep patterns to help heal our bodies, proper diet to help our immune system fight off the “super germs” and proper exercise to promote good blood flow.

When I first started coming to SCC, it was not uncommon to come down with the common cold 4-6 times a year. These colds would last 7 days or longer – (have you ever been told; 3 days coming, 3 days leaving). I rarely missed work, but I always felt lousy for these 7 plus days. Not anymore! I rarely come down with a cold and when I do, it is more like a 2 day event where my body becomes tired and I require more rest for these 2 days. I have become so confident about my body’s ability to fight cold germs that it is not uncommon for me to shake people’s hands when they are sick even when they tell me that it is not a good idea to come in contact with them.

The other area SCC has helped our family is in the area of providing medical advice and direction in areas other than spinal subluxations. Dr. Jen and Dr. David have provided help at times when our regular physicians were running the tests required by the insurance companies to eliminate certain theories before running the tests that were effective in coming up with the correct prognosis. They also pointed us in the direction of holistic doctors and supplements to handle abnormal medical concerns that would have otherwise needed steroids, prescriptions, surgery or a combination of them all. They also have been helpful with our kid’s sports injuries working on knee, shoulder and elbow alignments during baseball and football seasons.

Our family highly recommends SCC for all that they do. They are far more than “back crackers” and more like what a family physician should resemble. If more chiropractic practices resembled SCC and more people followed their lead in healthcare, our politicians would have more time to spend on real issues and healthcare would be far more affordable.

Respectfully submitted, The Kings – Bill, Linda, Pamela, Joseph, James and Zachary

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