2011 Workshop Syllabus

Space is limited.  Waitlists will be available once workshop is full.

Please sign up in advance and commit to attending.

Guests and the public are welcome but must register in advance.

All workshops are with Dr. Jennifer Cretsinger

Attend 6 workshops this year and get an additional month of care at our expense!


Dr. You: Taking Charge of Your Health Tuesdays 5:15-5:45pm

___1/25   ___ 2/22   ___ 3/22   ___4/12   ___5/24   ___6/28   ___7/26   ___8/23   ___9/27   ___10/25   ___11/22   __12/13

Discover the ideal thought process necessary to maximize your inner healing.  Guests welcome.

4 Core Classes Tuesdays 5:15-6:00pm

_____ Jan. 11 Core Eating Discover the fundamentals of eating for an optimally healthy body.

_____ Mar. 8 Core Moving Discover your body’s movement requirements and how to implement them.

_____ Sept.13 Core Thinking Discover psychoimmunoneurology– how what you think affects your body.

_____ Nov. 8 Core Sleeping Discover the science behind getting a good night’s sleep.

Third Thursday Health Workshops 3rd Thursday/month 6:15-7:00pm (except Feb. and Aug.)

_____ Jan. 20  Setting Attainable Goals Discover the secrets to setting and achieving realistic goals.

_____ Mar. 31 Children’s Health Discover how to help your child eat, move, think and sleep better (and what to do when they get sick.)

_____ Apr. 21 Creating Space- Declutter Your Mind and Life Discover how to let go of what doesn’t serve you and make room for abundance!

_____ May  5 Food for Life Discover how to read food ingredient labels and make the best choices for your family (updated workshop from the past… and possibly the most popular workshop we’ve given!)

_____ June  2 Sunscreen Questions and Solutions Discover the truth about sunscreens.

_____ July 14 Vaccination Decisions Discover how to navigate the confusing world of immunizations.

_____ Sep. 22 Kid’s Workshop Discover that your child, age 5-12, might just listen to us teach them healthy habits and choices!  Super fun time and lots of laughs. (parents and guests welcome.)

_____ Oct. 13 Exercise with Eric Discover a home exercise routine catered for your spine and exercise ability! (limited space, wear exercise clothing.)

_____ Nov. 17 Increasing Immunity Discover how to prepare your immune system for a healthy winter!

_____ Dec. 15 Open House/ Inspirational Message Dr. Jenny will give an inspirational message to prepare your mind and heart for the holidays. Food will be served. Bring a friend!

Specially Scheduled Workshops

_____ Feb. 3 – Feb. 24 Tuesdays 5:15-6:00pm Colon/Liver/Kidney Cleanse Fee Involved. Discover how to cleanse while you raise your energy (& lose weight if you want!)  Look for more info. about time & price options.

_____ May 14 Sat. 9am-Noon  Women’s Workshop Discover how to let your magnificent, sparkly inner you shine through!  This extremely popular workshop is THE event of the year! Sorry guys, women only (ages 14 & up.)

_____ July 28 – Aug. 18 Thursdays 6:15-7:00pm Weight Loss Cleanse Fee Involved. Ready to lose weight while creating a healthier body?  This cleanse is for you!!!  Several time and price options available.

All workshops held in the Living Room at SCC.

1 Overlook Dr.  Amherst, New Hampshire  673-5600


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