How to Influence Millions of People

I’ve been thinking big lately.  It all started with a cool weekend seminar through the Demartini Institute.  Then it grew bigger while on my esthetician’s table… Elizabeth told me about Martha Beck and how to make an effective vision board.  Then there was the conversation with my audio producer about building content to solidify a brand. And finally, an invitation to be part of a radio program that may become nationally syndicated skyrocketed my thought process into another dimension.  A bigger dimension.

How many people do I want to reach with my message?  I know that the people I can reach in our office is physically limited to a few thousand.  I can possibly reach hundreds more through community speaking.  I currently have over 6000 hits (maybe 2000 different people) on my podcast (online radio show) site:  Our email newsletter reaches several hundred.  And well, Facebook adds about 400 more.  If you cross reference, that is probably about 2500 people total.  Worldwide. My vision is 5 million.

First, you may ask, what do you have to say that is so important, that deserves the attention of that many people?  Are you capable of saying it in a way that is dynamic, interesting and relatable?  Do people really care?

I ask myself these questions almost daily.  And I refine my answers as I grow as a person.  Here is my latest draft:  I have a calling to inspire people that they are capable of living a remarkable life.  I re-enthuse the innate knowing that we are built to be capable, thriving beings with the potential to heal, create and communicate beyond what we have been taught.  The message is unique in that the foundation is built from the concept of innate intelligence, or the foundational fact that we have an intelligence in our minds and bodies that works from a place of wholeness and wellness.  I have exhaustively researched the tools and knowledge of maximizing our innate intelligence. People are starving for these skills… and the renewing of this belief they inherently have, buried deep below what they’ve been taught.

My ability to translate my message in moving ways is a gift I am working to cultivate.  I tweet, blog, tape podcasts, write articles, make video productions, speak at workshops and give patient reports with the goal of continually improving my ability to communicate my vision.  This is a lifelong journey of “kaizen”: constant and never-ending improvement.

Finally, do people really care?  Not everyone. Maybe not even you.  But your neighbor does.  Or maybe a parent.  And certainly your mailman, or child’s school teacher, or the mayor.  I’ve always believed that my message is not for everyone, it is for the people who are waiting for it.  They will find it.  They will share it.  I learned a long time ago that if your goal is to reach everyone, you’ll likely compromise your message or skill.  If you refine with confidence the truth in your message, you will attract those who are looking for it.

I was taught by one of my mentors, that it certainly is not about making money.  It is about serving.  That’s where happiness, satisfaction and love lives.  I’d love for you to join my journey.  What message do you have?  People just might care if you find a way to share it.

Note: Dr. Jennifer is hosting a dinner event at the Rustic Leaf Bistro in Milford, NH on Thursday November 11th at 6:15pm.  It is designed for the public and current patients (with their guests) to learn more about chiropractic’s role in this health vision.  Contact Jessica at 603-673-5600 to reserve a seat.

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