An Alternative To Popping Antibiotics like Tic Tacs?

This is a recent testimonial from one of my favorite wellness patients…

When I was about 5 or so, you could track me around the house by following the trail of crumpled tissues.  Like Hansel and Gretel, with allergies.  We brushed it off as me being a typical snot-nosed kid.

By the time I was in middle school, I learned to make sure that all my pants had pockets.  Otherwise I’d have to store my clean-tissue supply up my sleeves like a nursing home escapee.  And I don’t know if you remember much about middle school, but grandma chic has never been, and never will be, cool.

In college, all my care packages arrived with NyQuil and Puffs Plus.  Other students had a mismatched grab bag of shot glasses; I had a perfect set of 30ml plastic dosing cups.

But I thought that was okay, that it was typical.  I just happened to be one of the unfortunate people susceptible to colds and allergy season.  And when things escalated and I was dealing with strep throat, bronchitis and ear infections, I assumed that was how the rest of my life would be.  One pack of antibiotics was never going to be enough, my nose would always be red, and my voice would always be nasal.

Then I hurt my arm.  I’m not sure how, I just woke up and it was numb.  The triage nurse thought I had a stroke (I was only 23), my doctor thought I had a pinched nerve, and the plethora of specialists I saw in the next few years each came up with something new and horrible for me every appointment.  I was scared.  The numbness came and went, but my shoulder always hurt, and now I always smelled like some kind of balm or liniment.  Grandma chic again.

My boss—between ear infections, so I could hear her—told me I needed a chiropractor.  Specifically, her chiropractor.  So I met Drs. David and Jennifer, got adjusted regularly, used my foam wedge…and got better.  A lot better.  The numbness has never returned.  My shoulder rarely gets achy, and it’s only when I’ve been overusing it.  Best of all—and most unexpected of all—my ear, nose and throat problems went away.  I’ve had to go on antibiotics once in the three years I’ve been getting adjusted, while before I had to pop them like Tic Tacs.  Tissues are no longer a hot commodity in my house, my voice isn’t nasal, and it turns out my nose has freckles on it.  I had never noticed before due to its state of perpetual redness.

Getting adjusted is an amazingly liberating feeling, like I’m actively doing something to keep myself healthy, rather than just waiting for the next germ to hit and dominate my life.  I look forward to my appointment as if it were a spa day.  Some of my friends wonder why—if my shoulder is no longer hurting—I still go to a chiropractor.  I point out that’s why I still go.  I’m not in pain, I’m not sick, and I’m going to keep it that way.


Dr. Jennifer’s note: Kathleen has been able to heal because the intelligence in her body is more fully expressed.  When we examined her, we found subluxations in her spine, causing nerve flow to her arm and organs to be reduced.  Once she started getting adjusted, the nerve pressure was released and her body started functioning properly.  Spinal health is critical to overall wellness. Hundreds of patients like Kathleen, get their power turned on every week so they can stay as healthy as possible.  Have you had your spine checked?

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