What Do You See?

Dr. Jennifer adjusting Santa Claus.

When you walk into our office on a busy afternoon and the place is hopping, what do you see? There are three people signing in. The adjustment seats are full. A family of six just went to table one. There is a buzz in the air and an unmistakable energy. What do you think?

“Oh man, the docs are busy. It’s going to be a few minutes.”

Or do you look around … and smile. Do you think to yourself…

“That’s my accountant going in to get adjusted. There’s my daughter’s school bus driver getting “her power turned back on”, or that’s a policeman, making sure that he’s at the top of his game.”

Do you wonder if it’s going to be 5 or 6 minutes to wait, or do you find comfort in knowing that your kids’ principal is in our office, the local emergency room doctor, the school nurse, and your paper boy.

Are you annoyed by the squirming child next to you? Or are you happy that he is no longer on antibiotics? Do you see an older man taking too much time to get off a table, or do you see someone who is getting help without having to take another drug?

This is not a clinic. This is the headquarters of a movement.

Each person in this office is part of your community. A community that desperately needs changing. Each person is the embodiment of a generation of people looking for a better way. Enjoy a smile to yourself when you look at other patients. They are smiling for you.

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