My Journey’s Beginning

This is the first place testimonial from our testimonial contest.

I can’t say that I have a complete story at Spinal Corrective Center, but I can say I have a beginning. You see, I have only been here for three months. Hopefully I will be able to share my whole story eventually, but for now I can share my first chapter. Let me start at the beginning…

Two and a half years ago my husband and I were wrestling with our kids when he reached over my head to grab my foot, but unknowingly was pushing my face towards my chest. When he finally let go, my head was instantly stuck to the left (as if holding a phone between your ear and shoulder.)

The doctors thought he may have broken my neck, but thankfully after many x-rays and an MRI it was a disc herniation. I needed twenty two injections to stop the spasm and then I was straight. I did not have any neck problems for two years, but I did start having other medical issues and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and a bad gallbladder (which was eventually removed.)

My neck problems began again in May of 2009 when I decided to put my six year old son on my shoulders at a baseball game. My head instantly went stuck to the left again. Over the course of the summer I saw six specialists. Some of them agreed they knew what was wrong, while others had their own theories. I had countless x-rays, three MRIs and a cat scan trying to determine the cause of my torticollis (that’s the medical term for it.) I also was prescribed flexeril, soma, medrol dose packs, vicodin and was told to take over the counter motrin as needed for pain. This would be a great plan I wanted to be in a “coma” for the summer, but having four small children who needed my attention, medications of that magnitude were not a great option. I did, however, have seven epidural steroid injections which provided temporary relief.

While at my son’s football games with an obvious neck problem, many parents told me about Spinal Corrective Center. I was too “blind” at the time to see God was trying to speak to me through them.

In November, I went to my seventh specialist who was at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. I was so confident that they would have an answer. Once again, the appointment I had such high hopes for, was a complete disappointment. so I decided to finally try what so many encouraged me to do months prior, I called Spinal Corrective Center. Who knew that so many of God’s angels could work under one roof!

When I walked into their office for the first time, I was greeted by name and a whole bunch of smiles. The front desk staff: Jessica, Kathleen and Molly will never know the impact they made on me that day. They are the first people that you see when you walk through the door, and no matter what you’re feeling when you get there, the smiles and pure happiness they exhibit make you feel better… before the adjustment. Even before I met the doctors, I already liked the office.

Then I met Dr. Jennifer. I thought she was totally cool, down to earth, sweet, caring and determined. At this point they hadn’t experienced the “crooked” neck as I call it, but they were confident that they could help. A few days later I met Dr. David, who was also: cool, down to earth, sweet, caring and determined. At this point my neck had become crooked and with a few adjustments, it was straight! I couldn’t believe it… to me it was a miracle. What was frustrating to me was hours of driving to specialists, and all I needed was twenty minutes away!

For the first month things were awesome. Then I re-injured my neck by simply taking a shirt off, and it has been an up hill battle since. What has amazed me during the last couple months is Dr. Jennifer and Dr. David’s inability to give up. They provide not only hope for me, but for my family. They have sacrificed much of their time to try and help me, and for that I am forever grateful!

I know that eventually my story at Spinal Corrective Center will include defeat over the battle of my neck and my family joining me in spinal health. I look forward to the new chapters. I couldn’t be creating this story with a better group of people.

The closing of this chapter is my own personal saying for Spinal Corrective Center:
“Sometimes crooked, sometimes straight, Spinal Corrective Center is always great!”
-Danielle Hiott

Dr. Jennifer’s note: Danielle continues to get relief with almost daily adjustments. She has found no other help. For permanent relief, the doctors are still researching her case, and seeking help from other practitioners. Her recent visit to the Chief of Surgery of a large Massachusetts hospital was a disappointment. Her initial diagnosis of torticollis has been unproven.  What we know, is that an adjustment of the top bone in her neck will make her temporarily straight, and will noticeably improve organ function.  Please give loving thoughts and prayers to Danielle for continued healing.

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