Pondering the Laundry….

Dr. Jennifer and Dr. David Cretsinger

Sometimes it just seems that as soon as I get my head clear about what I want, then the pieces fall into place, effortlessly.  My friends call it luck. I’m not so sure.

I’m one of those people that is quick to take action.  My friend Melissa posted a great quote yesterday on her Facebook profile: “the difference between someone who is successful and someone who is not, is people who are successful DO. That’s it.”

I’m a doer and it has served me well over the years. Now, however, I’m finding that if I stop “doing” just long enough to think a little more about the outcome, I can do less and receive even more.  Fascinating, isn’t it?

Therefore, my new job is to ponder.  Literally sit down, stop working, and just think.  Think as big as I can. Imagine the most fulfilling reasons, outcomes and possibilities.

It’s not always as easy as one would think.  In fact, in some ways I find it harder than “doing.”  I’ve always been able to just muscle through and create what I want. The act of doing has always made me feel in control and powerful.  Now, I have to just sit around and do nothing?  Well, not really.  I still “do” a lot.  I just think about it first.

Here’s an example: I wanted more help around the house.  It’s not that my husband doesn’t help. If fact, he does quite a bit.  But like me, he’s been distracted with other priorities and the house has fallen behind.  You know what I mean. The laundry is ten loads deep, the closets are getting out of control, and the piles on my desk are unruly.

Over a seminar weekend in San Diego, I decided to free form my thoughts on paper.  I didn’t know what I would write about but I put pen to paper and just started.  What I wrote down astonished me.  I was really feeling affected by my home’s lack of organization.  I wasn’t feeling fully willing to stop all the activities I love and devote a significant increase in time to fixing the problem, so I certainly wasn’t going to ask my husband to step it up.  I creatively wrote about the possibilities.  Maybe our babysitter would be willing to help out more around the house. Maybe this summer I could hire a high school student for five hours a week.  I also, after much thinking, thought of a system for laundry and groceries that would make my time more efficient.  And finally, I pondered what chores our children were capable of doing, and how I could create a system of reward (and take away) for them.  As I was traveling back home, I felt really positive about my home and the prospect of having it cleaner and more organized.

I walked in the front door to find a highly detailed and organized home.  Even the closets have been redone. My husband spent all weekend focused on our home! He is also open and receptive to my ideas for continued organization, making me feel like we are a team. I believe that the energy I put into finding solutions for home organization was somehow linked to the easy and effortless outcomes.

Now, I’m not suggesting that it’s always as easy as thinking about a clean house and your husband will put on the rubber gloves and mop away. However, I believe that what I focus on will start to sort itself out.  Maybe instead, I would have had someone approach me about wanting a cleaning job. Something would have changed to allow the solution to be more clear.  I trust that it will present itself, especially when my thoughts are clear and positive.

The more I tap into this mystery, the more I want to spend time thinking.  That means, for me, to get up early and have quiet time.  Ask myself questions like “What am I ready to do different or better today?”, “How can I position myself for the greatest good today?” or “Where is my energy best directed?”

Deciding what you want the outcome to be, even if you’re not clear on the process, will allow the path to be more easily illuminated. Trusting yourself and your capability of creating what you want, and allowing the time to just ponder the solutions, is a surefire way to start creating the life of your dreams.

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