A Love Letter of Gratitude

This was the title of Cynthia’s testimonial.  We decided to have a testimonial contest with our patients.  It was such a fun way to allow patients to share their experiences with our team and others.  It was so difficult to choose the top three since there were so many amazing stories.  Cynthia captured 3rd place.  I think you’ll agree it was well deserved.  Congratulations Cynthia for such life-changing results with wellness chiropractic care!  Here is what she has to say:

Dr. David with Cynthia

Three and a half years ago I was hunched over a shopping cart grateful for the support it  gave me in maneuvering the aisles.  To my good fortune, two acquaintances unknown to each other noticed my discomfort.  Both of them suggested I try Spinal Corrective Center. One friend even went so far as delivering a brochure to my door.

It had been a miserable autumn for me.  Unrelenting lower back pain sent me to an orthopedic surgeon who gleefully announced there was nothing to do for my advanced thoracic arthritis. “Look at the size of those bone spurs,” he proclaimed while explaining my x-rays.

In addition to that, a nasty cough had settled in my chest after an unending series of colds.

It’s not as though I’m normally a sickly individual. I prided myself on wholesome living; exercising regularly, eating well, growing a garden, enjoying family and friends. The one piece missing from my regimen was regular chiropractic care.

After my first adjustment I felt tremendous relief. I went home and slept for two hours (unheard of before) and woke a new woman. Within two weeks I had no more cough and no more back pains.

Nowadays, though once in a blue moon I will experience discomfort, chiropractic will once again assist my body’s innate intelligence to do its miracles.  When I do get the rare flu or physical problem, my system is able to recover rapidly without the use of medications or unwholesome chemicals.

At SCC I’ve found an empathetic group of like-minded individuals. We may not share the same religion or politics, but we all believe in the power of natural, healthy living.

If occasionally I slip and give in to sugar cravings or omit my neck exercises, the wonderful folks at SCC are not judgmental, but understanding and encouraging.

I always can be reassured that an educating workshop or cleanse is available whenever I need one.  More amazingly, these professionals always listen to me, never rushed, no matter how inane the conversation.

It’s impossible to express how grateful I am for the friendship and support SCC has given me.  It has changed my life.

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