Why Do You Have To Keep Going Back?

2009 09 08 005I recently got asked the question, “If your office is so good at what you do, why do people have to keep coming back?” If that question is being asked, then the confusion comes from how you think about health.  The assumption is that we “fix” people (of their pain or symptoms) and they only get adjusted when they don’t feel good or are in pain.  That assumption is far from the truth.

This photo is my husband, Dr. David, and me.  I think it’s valuable to comment that David has had his spine checked and maintained regularly since birth.  Just like we are taught to keep our teeth healthy; he has been taught to keep his spine healthy through chiropractic check-ups.  As a result, he is one of the healthiest people I know.  With the “chiropractic wellness lifestyle”, he also eats healthfully, exercises often and has managed to never take medication (prescribed or over the counter) in his entire life. I find that truly remarkable and inspiring.

The reason our family (and hundreds more in our area) keeps going back for chiropractic check-ups and adjustments is the same reason you might keep brushing your teeth and seeing a dentist regularly: wellness is something you do ongoing as a health habit.  Just like eating well and exercising, we don’t stop when we feel good. We choose to live that way to have the healthiest life possible.

People who choose to utilize chiropractic for just pain relief find that it often works well and doesn’t take too long.  People who understand the long term benefits of maintaining a healthy spine and nerve system, utilize chiropractic regularly as part of their wellness routine.  Like caring for your teeth (or not), it’s always your choice. We specialize in taking care of families who want to have the benefits of ongoing spinal care.

It would be silly if you were told, “Oh, don’t start going to that gym to exercise.  I heard that they will keep telling you to come back.”  It is common knowledge that when it comes to exercise, you get out of it what you put into it.  Spinal health is similar. It’s not about the chiropractor “fixing” your pain or symptoms once a year or so.  It’s ultimately about helping you get the healthiest spine possible and maintaining it. (Just like dentistry isn’t ultimately about being pain-free; it’s about helping you have the healthiest teeth possible and maintaining them.)

Many people, like David and I, look for better ways to create health for our families. When families have health improvements though, it isn’t because we “treated” their symptoms.  We don’t take the credit because we are not the healers. How we help people heal is by correcting spinal problems.   The link is between the spine and nerve system.  Spinal problems cause nerve irritation: nerves that go to the head, lungs, stomach, legs…. the whole body.  If the nerves can’t work right, the body doesn’t work right. We help remove the interference (the misalignment) that’s not letting the body heal.  It’s as simple as that.

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