In Pursuit of Good Friends

_MG_1375I recently went on a five day all women sailing trip.  Let me tell you, the boat (a 61 foot swan that draws eight feet) sure got a lot of looks.  But once observers saw it was five women sailing, we got plenty of smiles and shouts!  That alone was empowering.  What really made the trip special though, was the bond created among five diverse, successful women.

Here is what we all have in common: we are each married with two children, we have all had a child in Waldorf school at some point, we all utilize chiropractic care, we all eat organic food when possible, we have all done nutritional cleansing, we all get regular massages, and (as we found out) live an intentionally positive life.

Interestingly, in every other way we are quite diverse.  Erin is a yoga instructor who was a professional sailor for nine years.  Jewelie is a massage therapist and assembles electron sources for a physics company.  Dumari is a human design coach, I am a chiropractor and Kim is an air force lieutenant colonel and professional writer.

2009 06 10 003The boat was Erin’s domain.  She comes from a family of sailors and keeps her father’s boat docked in Jamestown, RI.  It was raining when we got there so we loaded up as fast as possible.  We were laughing and happy, despite the rain.  Kim, due to her aviation experience, was the logical first mate so she and Erin stayed in the aft of the boat.  Jewelie and I shared a bunk room and Dumari was by herself (we determined she had gone the longest with not sleeping alone so we gave her the prized bunk.)  It felt luxurious to only be responsible for ourselves those forty eight hours.

We sailed the short distance to Newport that evening where we docked for the night.   Once settled, Kim heated up the mushroom lasagna she brought and we opened up the container of cosmopolitans that Erin’s husband Richard had made for us.  The husbands, admittedly, were envious of our trip.  They supported our time together; they just wished they could come along.  As we sat around the table, sharing a healthy meal and fun stories, I started to feel the uniqueness of my situation.

It’s great to have friends where small talk is unnecessary.  Within the first hour, we had covered topics from child rearing to relationship communication to fashion.  And, if you can believe it, with no gossip or judging other people.  That is the caliber of our friendships. By the end of the weekend, we had sailed to Block Island and back and we were bonded.  We knew each others secrets, passions and quirks.  It felt good to be exposed in a way that uplifts you.

We joked throughout the next week that, as we went back to our regular lives, we were different.  If I could see and measure the “energetic field” around my body, I insist it was intensified.  Maybe it was the ocean water.  Maybe it was being so unplugged from my life.  Whatever it was, my four friends were a cause.

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