My Sick Child’s Story

COLOR kenz on back in grassMackenzie is a vomiter.  Yes, I know that sounds unnecessarily descriptive but that’s what she does when she’s sick.  She vomits.  It doesn’t happen often, and usually doesn’t last long, but that’s how it goes.  Yesterday morning was one of those days.  She had a cough for a few days which didn’t seem to hinder her playtime or energy.  When she woke up coughing a bit yesterday I wasn’t concerned.  We knew her little five year old body was fighting a bug or virus and it seemed that she was doing a fine job of it.  At 5:45am she came into our bedroom and asked for a bucket.  That’s code for “Mom, I’m going to spit up.”  Which is five-year-old language for “vomit.”  Without any kind of fanfare, I sleepily walked down the hallway and found a plastic bucket in the cleaning closet.  I brought it back to our bedroom and Mackenzie promptly vomited.  She appeared to have a light fever and was what I call “floppy”, meaning she just wanted to lay around. She continued to vomit sporadically for six hours then took a long nap.  When she woke up it was early afternoon and she was pretty much back to herself.  She agreed that an extra chiropractic adjustment was called for so we loaded up in the car (with fleece footie pajamas on) and headed to the office.  After her adjustment she commented that she was REALLY hungry and wanted to go home to eat.  From then on she has been fine and she went to school today.  I debated about keeping her home today for precaution but she insisted she wanted to go to school and finish her felted bird project.  Plus, she added, “today is soup day” at school and it’s “good for me!”

Mackenzie has been taught and understands that her body is strong and can heal itself.  She knows that a fever, vomiting and tiredness are all ways that her body heals.  She knows to honor the healing.  She has never taken medication in her entire life.  She has never needed to because her body always heals.  We take seriously the responsibility of giving her the best environment for healing.  She has a clean diet, she gets adjusted, she gets plenty of healthy sleep and she has no toxins put in her little body.  She still gets sick sometimes, sure.  We know that the body needs to work the immune system time to time.  There is no fear associated with flues and colds.  She knows she will heal and she knows her body is supported.

We are designed to heal.  The key is properly supporting the body in its healing.  Diet, movement, sleep, healthy thoughts, and a healthy spine and nerve system are all key components in honoring the bodies inner healing ability.

What we teach our children is potentially critical for their lifelong paradigm of health.  If you were raised that your body is weak, incapable of healing without outside intervention and dependent on pharmaceuticals, know that THAT PARADIGM IS WRONG!  You are a magnificent healing machine.  The key, for you, may be not only changing your mindset, but also changing your habits.  I promise you- cut out the sugar and you will be healthier.  Quit the caffeine- you will be healthier.  Get to sleep by 10:00pm- you will be healthier.  Start exercising daily- you will be healthier.  Pray or meditate daily- you will be healthier.  Stop the stinkin’ thinkin’- you will be healthier.  Get adjusted- you WILL be healthier.

What’s the next step for you?

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